Annalea’s Boutique


I love working with local small business owners and Annalea’s Boutique is a perfect example of why. Owner Leanna approached me with an outdated website that she was unable to efficiently manage, and which did not match the vibe of her chic store. After a visit to the boutique, the first task I set to work on was refreshing her logo. Inspired by Leanna’s own signature (which graces the shopper bags customers receive for their goods), I digitized her handwriting to create an updated logo that matched the unique and approachable feel of her brand and the clothing styles she features. From there, I developed the website design, building off of the new logo and the existing style of the store. Leanna’s style is modern and fresh, with a unique rustic twist. The new website, logo, social media graphics and email template now reflect that, giving her an ideal set of tools with which to promote her products!

  • Deliverables: Logo, Brand, Social Media, E-mail, Photography, E-Commerce Website
  • Client: Annalea’s Boutique
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