Welcome to the Re-Launch!

I’m very excited to be re-committing myself to my ongoing pursuit of art through the re-introduction of this website. While it is currently a collection of my older and more recent studio work, I’d like this site to become a continuing record of works-in-progress, pieces for sale, and special projects. My artwork creation has been pretty intermittent over the last five years (since I graduated college and got married) — with a few longer periods of hiatus — but I’d really like to renew my pursuit of this passion and continue to improve my skills, particularly in the arena of portrait painting.

Over the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of attending several classes at the local Palette & Chisel Academy here in Chicago, a true bastion of traditional, atelier-style classical art instruction, and I’ve been lucky to study with the truly skilled and successful local artist/teacher Michael Van Zeyl. These classes have inspired me to continue to pursue the type of painting I really love (portraiture), and a recent trip to Croatia has given me plenty of creative fodder to attempt some landscapes as well. I’ll try to provide regular updates as these pieces come into existence and, for now, I’ll leave you with a few websites/artists that have been inspirational to me over the last few months.

Casey Baugh Fine Art

Clayton J. Beck III

Phil Boatwright

Marc Dalessio

Kathleen Newman

Artwork by Anna Rose

Janet Hill Studio


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